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A Living Memorial

"The [Park]... translates all the meanings Campobello had for President Roosevelt into a living memorial." – EDMUND S. MUSKIE

Summer cottage built by James and Sara Roosevelt

Former U.S. Secretary of State, Senator from Maine, Governor of Maine, and Park Commission member Edmund S. Muskie said it best:

Campobello - ...air so crisp one can almost shape it, so heady that to breathe it is intoxicating. ...Soft meadows and glowing woods, ... vistas that embrace the solidity of the coast and the exuberance of open water. ... sudden coves, weathered piers, the look of endurance and the evidence of man's enduring.

When Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in whose memory the Park was created, came to Campobello as a child, it was to pursue the orderly summer adventures available to a well-to-do Victorian family.

When he came as a young husband, whose third son was born on the island, it was to taste the excitements of childhood from the perspective of manhood and to pass on to his children the same challenges and rewards he had known.

And finally, when he came as President of the United States, it was to take new strength and composure from Campobello's air and land, from the sea around it, and from the memories of ease his "beloved island" awoke in him.

In the 2,600 acres of the Park at the southeast end of Campobello Island, more that a memory is preserved. The Roosevelt "cottage" is there, the simple wicker furniture and the knick-knacks of a summer home. But beyond the gardens are the bogs and the fog forests, the bays and shoals - all the natural beauties the Roosevelt family knew - protected now for others to enjoy. Although isolated by geography, [Campobello] has entered the lives of two nations as a place to invite any soul and to refresh any weariness with a sense of continuity and endeavour.

The Roosevelt Campobello International Park... translates all the meanings Campobello had for President Roosevelt into a living memorial. Here we remember the man and his work, his vigour and his leisure. The ... Park Canadian soil which has become part of America's heritage and which is being preserved for the future through the commitment of the citizens and governments of both countries.