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The Roosevelts
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Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor's love of Campobello Island began from her first visit as a young girl of nineteen, and continued to inspire her in later life, as she grew into an independent and respected woman.

Eleanor and Campobello

Eleanor Roosevelt first came to Campobello in 1903 when she and Franklin were courting; she was just nineteen. They stayed with Franklin’s mother, Sara, in the James and Sara Roosevelt Cottage. In her will, Mrs. Hartman Kuhn, fond of Eleanor, gave Franklin’s mother the right to purchase the Kuhn (now Roosevelt) Cottage for Franklin and Eleanor. Sara did this and the cottage became Eleanor’s own to furnish and run.

"Fog is nice if you know a place and are with someone you like. It is like a winter storm. It shuts you in and gives you a close and intimate feeling and adds to the joy of your fire." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Eleanor loved Campobello and even its fog. She said Campobello was the place where she finally grew into an independent woman. Although after having been stricken by polio in 1921, Franklin did not return to Campobello for twelve years; Eleanor returned with the children and two of her friends in the summer of 1925 and again in 1933, 35 and 36. During her 1936 stay, after Franklin returned to Washington, she began her memoirs, later published as This is My Story, the first volume of her autobiography. On a 1947 visit, she revised chapters of the second volume, This I Remember.