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Grounds & Gardens

You're on vacation, so take some time to stroll the grounds and enjoy our beautiful gardens.

Guided tour of the Park's historic summer colony grounds

As you stroll through the beautiful flower gardens and grounds, our knowledgeable guides will tell the story of the summer residents and how the Roosevelts, other cottage families, and hotel guests spent their summers. The tour concludes at the entrance to the FDR cottage. Weather permitting.

Gardens at Roosevelt Campobello

Beds of annuals, begonias, “dinner plate-sized” dahlias, and hybrid-tea and rugosa roses are admired by many park visitors. Park gardens are planted to peak from mid-July and throughout August - the height of our visitor season. Many plants bloom earlier, and the gardens are worth a look in late-September and early-October, when the dahlias are at their best.

The designs of our gardens are not historically accurate and are not interpreted as such. The gardens do, however, contain many plants that would have been found in cottage gardens of the Roosevelt era.

“Perhaps nature is our best assurance of immortality.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

Painting of Hubbard Cottage

The Cottages of Campobello

In the late 1800s, many wealthy American families built summer cottages on Campobello Island. Today, four of these cottages are owned by the Park commission. The Roosevelt Cottage is flanked by two of these - the Prince and Hubbard cottages. Good neighbours, the Roosevelts and Hubbards enjoyed picnics, summer outings, and sailing together. Across the highway, are the Wells-Shober and Johnston cottages.

All four cottages have been renovated to provide pleasant overnight facilities for participants in the Commission's conference program. The Hubbard and Well-Shober cottages are also used for the Parks' Tea with Eleanor program.