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Points of Interest

There's much to see at the Park – visit picnic sites, scenic outlooks, beaches, and experience ocean views and our natural areas.

Observation Deck at Liberty Point

Lower observation deck at Liberty Point

Observation Decks

Take in great views from one of our Observation Decks, as well as occasional sightings of whales, porpoise, and seals:

Picnic table at Liberty Point

Picnic Sites

Enjoy a picnic lunch at any one of our 11 picnic sites:

Friar's Head

Friar's Head was given its name by the large rock formation called the "old friar". From the summit of the headland, a short walk from the parking area, are splendid views of the bay and surrounding islands. The Friar's Head has reserved parking, a ramp to the observation deck and an accessible outdoor toilet.

Eagle Hill Bog

About 900 acres of the Park's natural area are raised, heath-covered bogs. The best place in the Park to see a bog is from the Eagle Hill Bog boardwalk. An observation deck on Eagle Hill provides an overview of the area. The Eagle Hill Bog has reserved parking and an accessible wooden pathway and resting benches.

Mulholland Point Lighthouse

Built in 1885, Mulholland Point Lighthouse served as a guide for the many small coasters, passenger ships, and freighters traversing the narrow Lubec Channel en route to or from the United States or Canadian ports on Grand Manan.

Although the lighthouse is not open to the public, visitors are free to walk around the structure. Explore the Marine Life Exhibit in old fishing shed, share a picnic lunch  and watch Harbour seals often seen swimming just offshore in the Lubec Narrows.

Liberty Point

High cliffs and ledges offer spectacular views. Look for harbour porpoise, bald eagles, eider ducks, seagulls, and other waterfowl. The view from the west deck southwest across the Lubec Channel includes the candy-striped West Quoddy Head Lighthouse. From the east observation deck are views of nearby Sugar Loaf Rock, the broap sweep of Liberty Cove leading to the Sunsweep Sculpture on Ragged Point, and the bluffs of Grand Manan Island.

Raccoon Beach

Stop for lunch at our picnic site, or access the shore. On a clear day you can spot Point Lepreau on Canada's mainland, the Wolf Islands, and to the right, the North Head of Grand Manan Island. Offshore, visitors may see harbour seals, waterfowl, or gulls. Sightings of bald eagle or osprey are possible. Raccoon Beach has an accessible outdoor toilet.

Sunsweep Sculpture

The Sunsweep sculpture is named for the long, quiet Canadian-U.S. border that lies under the path of the sun as it crosses the sky from east to west. Artist David Barr designed his continent-wide, 3-part sculpture as a conceptual arch, anchored at each coast.

The polished, black granite anchor points are at Ragged Point in Roosevelt Campobello’s Natural Area, and at Point Roberts, Washington. Symbolic keystones are located about half-way between at Lake-of-the-Woods, Minnesota. As a symbol of international friendship, Barr gave his sculpture to the three communities in which they are located.

Upper Duck Pond

The Upper Duck Pond is a saltwater cove open to the ocean. Being sheltered, it is a favourite stopping place for migratory waterfowl and shorebirds. Islanders often dig soft-shelled clams here. A miniature estuary, exhibiting most of the features and vegetation of a typical larger estuary, opens into the cove.

Lower Duck Pond

From the observation deck of the Lower Duck Pond, views include Liberty Point, the southern tip of Grand Manan Island, and West Quoddy Head Lighthouse in South Lubec. Although the cobble "barrier" beach separates the ocean from a fresh-to brackish pond behind it, Lower Duck Pond is actually the large salt water cove. Behind the barrier beach is Lower Duck Pond Bog, a sphagnum bog determined to be about 10,000 years old.

Cranberry Point

Cranberry Point features a picnic area and beach, with views of the southerly portion of Campobello Island, Grand Manan Channel, and West Quoddy Head Lighthouse.

Con Robinson's Point

Here, in addition to picnic tables, are steps to a fine beach, and an excellent view of the Wolf Islands. See evidence of past glaciation - the exposed rusty-coloured outcrops were smoothed and polished by the scouring action of glacial ice.

Fog Forest

Named for the great number of days it is covered by cold fog. Fog forest trees are subjected to limited light, low temperatures, 100% humidity, and at times, wind-driven salt spray.