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Trails & Drives

The Park's walking trails and carriage drives wind through varied habitats including spruce-fir and hardwood forests, sphagnum bogs, fields, and the seashore.

Walking Trails

The Park's walking trails lead through and to many interesting and picturesque locations. They are designed to offer short hikes, individually, or moderate to long hikes when traveled in combination.

Views from the trails include shaded forests, marsh, bogs, small secluded coves, cobble, sand and gravel beaches, cliffs and headlands. Observation decks at Friar’s Head, Eagle Hill Bog, Lower Duck Pond, and Liberty Point offer panoramic views. Self-guiding tour handouts of the Friar’s Head Trail and Eagle Hill Bog are available at the Visitor Centre.

Discretion is advised for those with small children. Sections of the Raccoon Beach-Liberty Point and Liberty Point-Lower Duck Pond Trails are close to high cliffs and ledges. Algae or moss-covered rocks and logs can be slippery.

Footwear for wet and slippery conditions is recommended.

Visitor Centre to Friar's Head
For those who would rather walk. Pleasant walk. Relatively easy. Self-guiding tour handout available. Depending on tide, return trip may be made along beach to pier below Roosevelt Cottage and then uphill to Visitor Centre.
Tourist Information Centre to Fox Farm
Moderately difficult with hills and gullies. Forest regenerating after logging 40 years ago.
Fox Farm to Upper Duck Pond
Relatively easy. Trail follows the border of a small estuary and emerges at the Upper Duck Pond Parking lot.
Cranberry Point to Fox Farm
Relatively easy. Trail weaves between forest and shore. Interesting ocean views.
Raccoon Beach to Sunsweep Sculpture and Liberty Point
Park’s most difficult trail. Many ups and downs. Roots. Wet areas. Impressive views. Varied habitats.
Liberty Point to Lower Duck Pond
Moderately difficult. Ups and downs. Interesting trail. Weaves between forest, picnic sites, and ocean views.
Lower Duck Pond to Raccoon Beach
Flat, easy trail. Travels through interesting hardwood areas. Return route to Raccoon Beach.
Duck Islands Trail
A very short trail to a resting bench and scenic observation area overlooking the Duck Islands and the black and white Channel Lighthouse.
Eagle Hill Bog Boardwalk

A wooden pathway offers an excellent “dry” opportunity to explore the bog and view the vegetation. Resting benches and interpretative panels make the walk more enjoyable. An observation deck, connected to the wooden pathway by a short section of trail, offers a scenic overview from Eagle Hill.
Carriage Road Drives

The Park's gravel roads offer you an experience similar to that enjoyed by the Roosevelt family when they came to Campobello. During that era, a system of carriage and surrey drives provided access to points of interest in what is now Roosevelt Campobello International Park and Herring Cove Provincial Park. Park drives serve the same role today. Vegetation is allowed to remain close to the road to retain the original character of the drives.

There are a variety of scenic views as you drive or bike along: soft and hardwood forests, salt water coves, sand and gravel beaches, cliffs, offshore islands, and an array of migratory birds and wildlife. There are numerous picnic sites on or a short distance off the drives, as well as observation decks the offer stunning panoramic views. From the drives, you can further explore on foot via the numerous walking trails.

The drives are NOT suitable for campers, buses, or recreational vehicles.

Cranberry Point Drive
There are 4 picnic sites along this scenic carriage road. Highlights include: Fox Farm, "Sparkplug" lighthouse, Cranberry Point, and Upper Duck Pond.
Liberty Point Drive
This carriage road passes by Con Robinson's Point, Raccoon Beach, the Lower Duck Pond, The "Fog Forest", to Liberty Point. There are 5 picnic sites and 3 observation decks along the drive.
Fox Hill Drive
This drive connects the Cranberry and Liberty Point Drives. It passes by and through scenic rock outcroppings, bogs, and hardwood and softwood forests and offers and alternate return route to the highway.
Trail Sense

Although we have made every effort to keep your visit enjoyable and safe, please understand that hazards exist and that you are responsible for your own personal safety.

  • Supervise children under your care.
  • Obey posted speed limits and be ready to pull to the side to allow passing.
  • For personal safety and to protect the environment, stay on identified trails, walk with caution, and wear appropriate footwear.
  • Several Park observation areas and trails are near steep cliffs and ledges. Keep to identified paths and observation areas.
  • Banks close to the shore may be undermined.
  • Algae or moss-covered, muddy, or wet logs, rocks, foot bridges, steps, walkways, and decks can be slippery.
  • Foot bridges are narrow and may be uneven.
  • Roots and rocks may make trail surfaces uneven.
  • Mosquito and blackfly repellent are recommended. Be aware that wasps, hornets, and bees may build nests near trails, observation areas, and picnic sites.
  • Do not approach any wild animal that appears tame or acts in an unusual manner.
  • Do not eat berries you cannot identify—plants with poisonous berries are present.
  • Strong winds, currents, and large waves and tidal ranges can make boating and swimming hazardous. The ocean is cold and can induce hypothermia rapidly.